The Companion Series

Check out my first book in the series of 3 short stories, the Running Companion.  It’s Christian fiction that follows a gifted runner on his path to changing the world one step at a time.  How does he use his Christian upbringing to handle an abduction in the forest, accusations from peers, growing expectations, and all the trauma the world can heap on one man? 

Free – with Kindle Unlimited.  If you give this a read, please feel free to drop me  a note on what you thought.

My second book, a stand alone (yet also follow up) to the first story is now available on Amazon. Also it is free with Kindle Unlimited. Book 3 is in the works, so please let me know if you have any feedback after reading either of the first 2.

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When Satan Attacks

But isn’t that most of the fear? Wondering? Is something in the closet? Did something just move under the bed? Fear is the unknown. Once we know what we are facing, we operate on different emotions. Adrenaline, survival, flight. Healthy instincts kick in that allow us to navigate what our senses know and understand.

Jesus Didn’t Come to Win

And so we are left in this moment of miserable joy. So happy that we are saved, so devastated that our sin held such a cost. So excited that we serve someone willing to pay this price and yet so mournful of the horrible events endured by the one so loving. We cheer, we cry, we laugh, we surrender to our knees and tremble. How could someone do this for me? What value am I? And this holy, loving, perfect, one-true-God, He says, ‘this is what I’m willing to do for you… to reach you… to get through to you… to have you near me’.

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