Daily Prompt: Copycat

via Daily Prompt: Copycat

When I look in the mirror, I see an anomaly.  Difference.  Insufficiency.  Not like them.  They have grace, they have purpose, they have a likeness.  All of them do.  Why do I fall so far short?

He runs faster, she writes better, they tell better jokes.  Enthralling.  I can’t stop watching.  Comparing.  And shrinking into the shadow alone with my shortcomings.  They can’t see me, I’m certain of that.  Sight does not protrude past elegance and charm.  Why would it?  What could it gain to envision garbage beyond their crystal existence?

I have a plan.  I’ll be like them.  Just like them.  The dress, the walk, the language.  It’s all so perfect.  When I’ve mastered it all I’ll join them.  Will they know?  Can they smell the deceit?  Will my trickery be punished with worse than what I’ve already endured?  It’s worth the risk.

Tomorrow I’ll change.  I’ll transform.  I’ll study, mimic, and pattern.  Tomorrow, I’ll copycat.  And… finally… I’ll be unique.

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