Hope, you need it too.

Hope is something that we each have, but yet can’t benefit from all on our own.  It’s like blood.  We have our own, but in emergencies, should we lose it, we can’t replenish our own supply.  We need a transfusion.  Someone else has to provide the blood for us, even though our bodies can make our own.

We all possess hope.  But we all need hope.  The message the world needs to hear is one of hope.  If we all give freely of this gift, we all will prosper in its benefits.

I know too many Christians who spiral into depression or worse because they feel embarrassed over losing hope.  We all NEED hope.  We need to both give and receive.

The message of hope isn’t just for the lost.  It’s for all of us.  And what a wonderful message it is.  If you have hope, I pray you will share it.  If you need hope, I pray you will unashamedly seek it.  It’s far too important to try and live without.

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