You are Better Than That!

  1. Heaven is a wonderful place.  (1 Corinthians 2:9, and others)
  2. God wants everyone – yes, even you – in Heaven.  (1 Timothy 2:4, and others)
  3. God cannot make a mistake (Psalm 147:5, and others)

Ponder the following:

If you are such a mess, and you went to Heaven wouldn’t it be miserable for everyone else?

If you are undesirable and God desires you, wouldn’t He be wrong?

If you were flawed, wouldn’t God be incompetent?


There are a lot of lies out there.  But there is also truth.  Measure the lies against the facts.  Weigh them on the scales of truth.  Our friends can lie.  Our mirrors lie.  Our enemies most definitely lie.  Social media absolutely lies.  God has given you a truth.  You are beautiful and wonderfully made.  You are loved and desired.  And you do have a place prepared for you should you accept it.

2 more things are true.  We all have work to do.  We aren’t perfect.  We were perfectly made, but we ourselves are not perfect.  We make mistakes.  Even when we don’t intend to, we will continue to mess up.  There is no room for ego as everyone needs to improve.  But we also aren’t all bad either.  We are all redeemable.  We are all healable.  We are all precious to the one who made us.

A great and terrible sacrifice was made for us.  You, me, everyone.  All of humanity is the recipient.  That price wasn’t paid for losers, downers, or mistakes.  That price was paid so we all could accept and receive the gracious gift of eternity with God.  If you are truly seeking truth within yourself, the lies are obvious.  They seek to destroy you, to bring you down.  They seek to deprive you and humiliate you.  They don’t want you to be empowered with the truth.  So they lie about appearances, they whisper deceit about your relationships, and they conjure hypocrisy about your abilities.

Spend time investigating the truth and you will see the lies for what they truly are.  You have tremendous worth and value.  Turn the light on in your life and exterminate the darkness around you with truth.


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