Let the Cat in the Shower

My cat loves the shower.  He scratches at the door, yells, and mopes when he can’t get in.  He seems desperate to get in there… until I turn the water on.  Then it’s a different story.

I feel like we behave similarly when we ask God for things and aren’t responsive to what He provides.  Even with our hearts in the right place we may ask for new ways to serve… but when the water comes on it’s not exactly what we wanted or where we wanted or who we wanted to serve with.

I’ve often been the guy who begs and then is unhappy once I get exactly what I asked for.  Fear gives me pause.  Uncertainty causes doubt.  My comfort zone is somewhere else.  I’m quite good at making excuses.  When the water first hits me I start doing amazing acrobatics to get out of there.  I want in… but once I get access, I want out.

I want to serve God, but I don’t want to miss the game.  I want to share His message, but I don’t want to sound weird.  I want to pray over strangers, but I’m afraid.  I want to preach Christ to the world, but I don’t want to leave my house.  I want to follow in His footsteps, but I don’t want to give anything up.  I want in the shower, but I don’t want the water on.

One simple question that my cat doesn’t understand… what good is a shower without water?  Exactly.  What good is a servant that isn’t willing to serve?  What kind of sacrifice can you make when you won’t allow for change?  What kind of Christian doesn’t act like Christ?

Can I challenge you to turn on the water?  It will be cold, and then it will be too hot.  But with the right focus and some adjustments, you will eventually be washed clean.    I know many people who rank themselves over others because they are willing to go into the shower.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the measure of the Christian.  What matters, is if we come out clean or not.  We would all walk into a den… but not many would willingly go into one full of lions.  We would all check out a furnace… but not one fully lit.  Turn on the water and put the Christ back in Christian.

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