Are you Gonna be Brocoli?

If life were a plate, what food would you be?  Going by the age old adage, you get to pick.  After all… we are what we eat.  So eating in life, one bite at a time, what food are you?  Bacon?  Mashed potatoes?  oh!  Mashed potatoes with bacon… and CHEESE!

Or would you consider the salad?  You can eat more of that.  So we might enjoy more of life, although it may not taste as good.  Or is life more about what we put out into the world and not so much what we take in?  I’m glad you asked that because, what just walked up behind you, is a dinosaur.  And he sees you on his plate of life.  One gulp and you are gone.

In roll the questions.  What type of snack were you?  Were you tasty?  Nutritious?  Spoiled?  Toxic?  Did you improve someone’s life?  Were you healthy for them?  Was your outer wrapper misleading?  Were you so invigorating that the freshly fed dino will hunt more just like you?  Or, are you perhaps the reason they are now extinct?  Are you toxic to those around you?

I get the impression, from far too many people, that we still don’t understand how important our time is here and now.  It’s not just the TV or the video game system, its how we spend our time together.  It’s what gets us angry.  Its what motivates us.  It’s how we choose to identify ourselves.  If the answer isn’t God, God, God, God and more God, then we have already started the souring process.

Instead of living for God’s will and sharing your testimony, and spreading love, and speaking the good news… in place of good works, we are passing yesterday’s potatoes off as our self worth.  Can we step away from the podiums of pop culture and pick up our Bibles?  Are we able to drop the flags of politics and carry the banner of Christ?  What if we scrubbed off our favorite sports teams and carried the cross on the back of our sweaters?

Jesus said that He is the bread that we need to sustain us.  Dare we take a bite?  What would happen if we filled ourselves with the Holy Spirit?  What impact what our lives have on this buffet of personality and choice we call the world around us?  If Jesus was the bread of life… and we fill ourselves with Him… and He lives in us… could others feed from us?  We are made in the image of God, we are given His Spirit, we are called to walk in His footsteps… why?  So others don’t starve trying to live on garbage.  As corny as it sounds, we need to be offering a taste to our neighbors.  A bite of something good.  No more TV dinners!

We can throw an arm around the shoulder of someone needing love.  We can offer a smile and an ear to someone on hard times.  We can certainly give a meal, a real one, to someone hungry.  But most importantly, and this is key, we can share a story about who we really are.  Where we come from, and why we can offer the best meal in town.  And there you have it.  Another choice made.  Another influence on what you are in this world.  Something tasteful that builds up and points to God… or something bland, stale, unappetizing, and spat back out after the first taste.  We are what we eat…. let’s be Jesus.


[if this is confusing, the analogy comes from Matthew 26:26 where Jesus instructed His disciples through what we often call the Lord’s Supper.  He broke bread and symbolically called it His body.  And the wine, He called His blood.  Because He told them to eat and drink of His body and blood, many confused them with cannibalistic practices.  In reality it was a very powerful moment in the final hours of Jesus’s life on earth and why Christians still observe this ‘meal’ today.  While it usually consists of Saltines and grape juice, the symbolism still holds its true value.  It’s a memorial feast and its a symbolic process of the choices we make in our life… to take on the sacrifice of Jesus]

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