meI have been blogging for years but have also constantly been in search for the best site or the best tools.  I’ve decided to return to WordPress for the great community and will slowly add previous blog entries to the site along with new works.

I have also started writing Christian fiction.  With 2 books published and another in the works, I’ll likely be talking about those as well.

I have a B.A. in Bible:Youth Ministry and a minor in Psychology and I love to read other Christian/inspirational works.

I tend to write to myself (or for myself).  But I also write to specific issues I see playing out in our world.  This often lends to judgemental or harsh writing.  I believe that when our Bible talks about the narrow gate, the few that enter aren’t “Christians” as many of us assume today.  There are far too many Christians that do not look or act Christlike.  And when Jesus tried to give this message to the stubborn religious elite, he was harsh with them.  He showed love and compassion to the sinners and He did not beat around the bush with the believers that knew better.  Many get this backwards today.  We show love to those like us and we condemn the rest of the world.

I write to hopefully and prayerfully open the eyes of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  Many of us are on the wide path and we have no idea.  We have become lukewarm.  We cast out judgement and we do not show love or compassion.  And just like the pharisees, we have no idea its us who need Jesus more than ever.  I pray we ALL, everyone in the world, can meet, know and reflect the awesome love of Jesus.  Prayers and grace be with you!