Your Love Awakens Me

I love my wife so much, I watched Untamed Heart with her.  It’s a movie from the 90’s with Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei.  In it, Christian Slater has a heart defect and needs a transplant to prolong his life.  He refuses and explains why to Marisa:  “I’m afraid if they take away my heart, I won’t be able to love you the same”.

His whole life his heart was dormant.  He barely spoke and never knew love other than the familial affection he received from the orphanage.  He said that Marisa knew peace and that brought peace into his life.  He fell in love and believed it was his physical heart that allowed him to finally have some peace and comfort in his life.

I’m guessing to most, this concept is either silly or romantic.  To me, its inspired.  Below is a song called “Your Love Awakens Me” by Phil Wickham.  Listen to the words of the song.

“Your love is greater”

“Your love is stronger”

“you called me out of the grave”

“you called my name and then my heart came alive”

“your love awakens me”

We get a clear picture that our hearts have been dormant.  We haven’t known love.  And then Jesus shows us peace and suddenly we come to life.  You could almost say, He gave us a new heart.  Go all the way back to the very beginning of the Bible.  Genesis 1:1.  God spoke words and creation happened as a result.  He didn’t know any incantations or cast spells.  He simply said, “Let there be…” and there was.  This God, this voice, this power… has spoken your name.  If you ever want out of the dark.  If you ever want peace.  If you ever want joy.  If you want purpose.  If you want to feel alive, truly alive… speak His name back.  Call on the name of the Lord and see what true love means to the creator of love.

While I hope this message reaches those that don’t know Him and gives them motivation to begin that amazing relationship… there are too many dormant ‘Christians’ that desperately need to climb out of the grave and start living life entwined with their Savior.  If you have forgotten that love, if you have lost purpose, be awakened!